DC Monitoring Working

DC monitoring, how I did it.

Only having basic knowledge of electronics I was struggling with this for a bit, but I have it working. I have setup a off grid solar monitor.  After reading countless posts and not understanding them, Robert Wall pointed me in the right direction.

I am using

ACS 712 30A hall effect sensor for current and

Standard voltage sensor

These are both connected to an arduino uno micro controller.

What you need

ACS 712 hall effect sensor. Found on ebay

Voltage sensor. Found on eBay

Arduino uno with Ethernet shield ebay

Mounting hardware 4-40 for sensors and arduino or M3 for metric hardware stores

Jumper cables



I will be adding more features later to this project like battery Voltage monitor and Relay to auto switch from Battery Power from Inverter to AC Mains. Here are a couple pics of the setup and attached is sample code. 

http://emoncms.org/thumperup - Link to my monitor on emoncms

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Re: DC Monitoring Working

What is the voltage of your battery system?

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Re: DC Monitoring Working

12 V

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