Program the EmonTX from the couch - Wireless FTDI unit?

My Energy Meter and EmonTX is located some 10 meters away from my desk, so I wanted ask if anyone has ideas for how to communicate wirelessly to the Serial port of the EmonTX. 

Thoughts would be a Wireless USB hub, that had the FTDI cable attached, and then my PC would connect to this? It should be possible to find a solution. But I haven't found anything yet.

Any ideas?  

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Re: Program the EmonTX from the couch - Wireless FTDI unit?

I do most of my arduino development via a raspberry pi, I currently have an emonTx v3.4 connected via serial to a Pi which has a full arduino IDE and all the libs and sketches on, I have installed xrdp ans can use any PC via a "remote desktop connection", in fact I do a fair bit using a hudl2 from the sofa.

Another option I would like to try sometime is Jeelabs "FTDI over WiFi: esp-bridge" which uses a esp8266.



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