Uploading data to pvoutput.org

I came across pvoutput.org a while back and I have been entering data manually for a number of months to keep track of my PV generation and electricity usage. It is a fabulous resource for tracking and comparing these data, far better than the likes of generaytor. Has anyone successfully automated data uploading from emoncms to pvoutput.org?

I have an Emonpi with an optical sensor recording PV output via a (3 phase) generation meter, and a CT clamp recording domestic consumption (single phase).

I am not a programmer and would need a step by step guide, I don't even know if I would need to set up a server to host emoncms in order to do this. Thanks.

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Re: Uploading data to pvoutput.org

This thread deals with sending data to PVOutout.org: http://openenergymonitor.org/emon/node/3675

The script can be configured to read data from a local emoncms, or from an emoncms.org account.




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