need help in building basic setup.


I am new to emon and looking forward to build a very simple and basic setup ie using one CT+AC adopter,  Arduino uno and ENC28j60. All I want my readings to be posted on using arduino and ethernet. 

Can anyone please guide me to a similar project,  which has some code to get started.

Please bear with me if I had failed to locate necessary information while searching on forum.

Thanks in Advance.







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Re: need help in building basic setup.

If you look at Building Blocks, you will find circuit diagrams, sketches and an explanation of how everything works. But in most cases, we use the RFM69CW radio to send the data to a Raspberry Pi (the "emonBase"), which sends the data via the Ethernet to However, I have seen forum posts by people who use an Arduino with an Ethernet card attached, so if you use the "Search" box, you should find those, which might help you. I cannot see any information about so you will need to find out yourself what it expects for the format of the data you send.

Although the OP reports problems, this thread might help a little:

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Re: need help in building basic setup.

Thank you Robert. After your suggestion, I have searched hard and found some useful info,  let me try few examples from this wonderful forum. If I get stuck I will get back to you.

Thanks you once again.



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