Current & Voltage sensor to Arduino(HELP)

Hey! I'm having trouble understanding the following links from the building blocks section..

What is the use of the two 470K ohms resistors from the circuit? The circuit now allows the AC input to the arduino? If I'm using the Current Sensor ACS714, how is it different from the CT sensor from the link?
Really appreciate if you guys can explain these to me, thank you!

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Re: Current & Voltage sensor to Arduino(HELP)

An ACS714 is an invasive (meaning it requires a galvanic connection) Hall effect device that requires an external power supply. A current transformer is non-invasive (meaning it does not have any a galvanic connection to the circuit being monitored), and it does not require any external power.

If you read the description, the purpose of the 470 kΩ resistors is explained in the text.

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