emoncms on WP8.1


I have EmonCMS 8.5.0 installed on my RPI and I'm able to view everything on form my PC's, but when connecting using my Windows Phone 8.1 I'm able to logon and select all menus(input, feeds, vis, dashboard) but the screens are blank, not showing anything.

So is WP not supported or whats is the best way to see a dashboard on my phone?

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Re: emoncms on WP8.1

Hello haden, I havent been testing on windows phone while developing so im not sure, IE support is not as good as chrome or firefox. Has anyone else had success with emoncms and a windows phone?

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Re: emoncms on WP8.1

Just upgraded to win10 and I see the same problem in IE 11 on win10, but not in Edge browser

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