dual radio on emonbase?


Currently i'm running 2 nodes on 868MHz and about to order some more, but i'm a little worried about continuing with that frequency as my floor heating and my coming IBI system is running on the same frequency.

So should i change to 433 now or is it possible to have two radios on the emonbase to distribute the load?


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Re: dual radio on emonbase?

Hi haden

You can easily use a JeeLink to add a second network. In emonhub.conf just add

        Type = EmonHubJeeInterfacer
            com_port = /dev/ttyUSB0
            com_baud= 57600
            frequency = 433
            group = 200
            baseid = 20

to the [interfacers] section (edited to suit) and your good to go.

You could also use a rfm2pi or jeenode with a usb ftdi adapter but that's a bit messy so the jeelink is the best route given you can only have one device on the Pi's single serial port. You will need to avoid duplicating nodeids, so you will still be limited to 32 nodes, but future emonhub versions will have a "nodeid offset" so you can reuse the 1-30 nodeids by using an offset of 32 and raising the nodeid limit in emoncms (local), emoncms.org is also limited to 32 regardless.




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Re: dual radio on emonbase?

great. thanks. never thought of this but it makes sense...

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