EmonPi + Solar PV diversion - avoiding re-inventing the wheel....


since getting a PV system installed in February, I've been running an Arduino shield / Pi base system successfully.   I'd like to say many, many thanks to the OEM team and all who have contributed to this site!   I've also added a number of other sensors to the system to monitor gas meter, CH temps etc.  I'm now awaiting delivery of a complete EmonPi from the Kickstarter campaign to replace the Arduino-in-a-sandwich-box model.

I'd also like to divert excess PV when I re-configure the system. This made me wonder if anyone has already tried either a mk2pv or PLL diverter sketch in an EmonPi, or is considering it?     

Finally, can I put in a plug for Stuart Reid of Red Electrical, Chorley.  He designed and installed our system (Seraphim / SolarEdge with optimisers), gave us great service, and is an active OpenEnergyMonitor user.  His OEM system data is public on www.redelectrical.co.uk.   This includes an air source heat pump, and PV diversion to charge a battery powered Renault Zoe if anyone's interested..