emonTx - Firmware fails after uploading

Hi all - Totally new to OpenEnergyMonitor, I'm building my setup this week after a box full of goodies arrived. I was following a tutorial on here about building a setup and it suggested updating the firmware, I managed to get emonTxV3_4_continuous_kwhtotals firmware loaded fine, emoncms is seeing the feeds etc, what I didn't realise was this firmware doesn't do temperature monitoring so tried to change it back to the default firmware (emonTxV3_4_DiscreteSampling), it compiles fine and uploads however it just sits there with the LED on and the serial output hangs with 'POST wait 10s'

After a stiff drink I managed to get it working with emonTxV3_4_continuous_kwhtotals again!

Anyone got any pointers I can look for to get the default firmware back on?



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Re: emonTx - Firmware fails after uploading

Which radio do you have fitted in your V3.4, an RFM12B or an RFM69CW? (See Building Blocks > RFM Radio Modules - Identifying different types for pictures to identify it). Then in the sketch, look for the line that starts "#define RF69_COMPAT ..." and change it according to the comment.

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