Nodes wired to base


I have a raspberry base running emoncms, with a RFM69 radio on for my wireless nodes.

However I would like to have some sensors next to the base and thought that I could use a wired connection for both data and powers from the GPIO on the pi instead of radio. But is this supported? and should I use the GPIO on the Pi or the extra pins on the 328 on the RFM69PI




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Re: Nodes wired to base

That depends on the sensors. If you are referring to CT's or any other analog sensor requiring an ADC you will need to use the rfm69pi's analog inputs or other hardware as the Pi doesn't have an ADC.

You should take a look at the emonPi schematics and repo as you could possibly use that as a starting point to add to the rfm69pi sketch and utilize the AVR inputs.

This will also allow you to pass the data via the same serial port rather than having to create another interface because the serial port is occupied by the rfm69.



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Re: Nodes wired to base

The idea was to add a DHT and an analog waterlevel sensor I've made, so it makes sense to use the 328 on the RFM69pi. Thumbs up for the new v3 boarddesign with the extra pins on the RFM69pi

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