RFM69Pi GPIO access

I'm considering the RFM69Pi module to add 433MHz receive capability to my home automation setup. It's the smallest RPi module I've seen at an affordable price and seems like the perfect option. Well, perfect except for the fact that the other GPIO ports are blocked by the board. Is ther an approach people have come up with to allow the use of the other GPIO's?

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Re: RFM69Pi GPIO access

The easiest way I guess, depending on which pins you want and if there is any over hang on the connectors/hardware you are connecting, would be to cut down a 26pin stacking header to a 10 pin version (unless you can source a 10pin) to lift the RFM2Pi clear of the neighboring GPIO pins.Or there again you could just leave the unused pins over hanging the end of the GPIO if you have the space, it wouldn't do any harm.



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Re: RFM69Pi GPIO access

That's certainly one viable option.  Though, it really eliminates the compact size.  How tall is the module from the base of the connector to the top of the tallest component on the board?  I may just purchase a different case if mine won't fit with the board installed.  If that's the case, I could probably just let the board stand off a little (not fully seated).  I would only need a small gap to allow modified jumpers to fit.

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