Seperate monitoring of two inverters in a solar PV array

I've got a fairly typical setup monitoring my solar PV and Grid electricity, an emonTx clamped to my generation and grid meters. However, I have two inverters and two arrays feeding the generation meter, one east facing and one west facing, so the emonTX is receiving the total from both inverters.

I'm wondering about adding another emonTX located closer to the inverters, so I can monitor the performance of each array independently. Any pitfalls of using a modifed version of emonTx_CT123_Voltage? The AC adaptor would be local to the inverters, but would be essentially be the furthest socket from my incoming supply.


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Re: Seperate monitoring of two inverters in a solar PV array

Hi Vwrop, 

That sounds be possible, if the inverters are located close to the utility meter one emonTx could be used with the three inputs being grid (import/export), inverter 1 and inverter 2. You can get away with extending the CT leads by a few meters, but I wouldnt recommend long runs. 

Failing that you could use another emonTx, the only required change to the code would be to change the node ID. If you use the multi-node NanodeRF example the new node should automatically by picked up and the data forwarded to the inputs section of emoncms. 

Best of luck, 

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