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I have a small difficulty to do.

I have two feeds of data:

1. Gas all together in m³ and kWh ...
2. Gas generator in m³ and kWh ...

now i need a feed 3. as 1. minus 2. to get

3. Gas heater in m³ and kWh ...

i can do this in the input processing, for the future values.
but i need to run the processing for the past to.

Does someone has a solution for that ?

Thanks. Marc

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Re: Post Processing

Hi Marc.

I don't think you can run processing on historical data. Since this doesn't need to be an ongoing solution just a run once fix, I would probably think the solution is to create a csv of the required data using a spreadsheet and data from the existing feeds and from that csv create a feed (and metafile file) externally and then add them or even take a copy of the current feed and add the data (and metafile file) .

 Time Series Database design docs and looking at the feed engine code should give you enough info to put a script together.


PS Marc see the "[How to] Send historical data. Create historical feeds" thread as Bruno is trying to achieve the same thing too

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