EmonTH Hardware consideration

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the Emonth is great. But i have one point it could be better.

The lines ADC4 and ADC5 are used for the DHT22 and the DS18B20 sensors. But those lines are also used by the SDA and SCL lines from the i2c (or TWI) interface.

If this lines would be free of use on pin headers, the emonTH could be used for much more applications. (Like barometric pressure or light intensity or something else.)

So I would suggest to use other pins for the DHT22 and the DS18B20 on the next hardware design.

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Re: EmonTH Hardware consideration

Yes, I am with you ...

it would be great to have barometric and light intensity as possibility in emonTH this little thing is great.

so it will be possible to monitor a house or factory for a period in energy efficiency consulting.

We will see then when light is on, when sun is heating up the building. With pressure, humidity and temperatur we can look over many processes about air ventilation and climatic.

it would be great ;-)


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