Swapped from rfm12pi to rfm69pi but rf not working.

Just swapped out my fully working rfm12pi for a rfm69pi unit from the shop but I'm struggling to get it to work. I updated Emonhub on my 08/14 raspberry image to the dev version as per Glynns blog post here   http://openenergymonitor.blogspot.co.uk/2015/02/introducing-rfm69pi-v3-raspberry-pi.html.

The rssi reports -30 for my main emontx node (rfm69cw in COMPAT mode) yet the 10 second updates only get through once every 4 - 10 minutes. I've tried rebooting and also restarting Emonhub but no joy. The emonhub log gave a few errors during startup about expecting something but got ' ' and then nothing after that. Not sure what log level I have set but will check later, I think it's on WARN. 

The rfm69pi led flashes red during startup and also coinciding with the sporadic rf events, should this be green like the rfm12pi?

Is there anything else I need to setup to get this working?


Edit - fixed link - BT

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Re: Swapped from rfm12pi to rfm69pi but rf not working.

It sounds like it's working ok, RFM69Pi is receiving data and it's getting passed to emoncms. Strange about the post delays. 

Could you set the log level to DEBUG then post the emonhub log output at startup into this thread? 

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Re: Swapped from rfm12pi to rfm69pi but rf not working.

Thanks for the reply Glyn. I finally got it working ok.

I noticed the top edge of the rfm69pi board was fouling the raspberry case and pushing the board down wards and possibly off the header pins. I Dremelled a slot in the pi case to clear the edge of the board. The setup still needed several reboots/ power cycles for it to start functioning properly however. 

It will not function with serial set to 57600 in emonhub.conf

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