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Hi, I've been looking at using led widget (thanks dnsit http://openenergymonitor.org/emon/node/416) to show live feed status. My issue is that dashboard dials show last feed value and give no indication if the feed is active or inactive. I've been looking at the code for notify which already monitors feeds as a means to this end. But with my limited programing abilities no luck yet.

A very basic solution would be to set data feed to zero when inactive (can some please suggest code to reset feed to zero if inactive for use in notify.model.php)- led widget could then be used to display red when inactive. Any other colour would mean active - probably not best way but would still be useful.

Maybe Dashboard Feed Notify could be used to offer these or similar options. All comments appreciated positive/ negative.

Another thought would be to have option in feed notification for json to post status to set feed to zero.  Please excuse over simplification I have no idea of coding required to make this work.




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Re: Feed status active/inactive

Hello Peter, sorry for the slow reply, these are good ideas, will add them to the things to do list. Setting a fed to 0 when inactive could certainly be a feature added to notify.

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