Is possible to make my RFM12B (Emoncms Shield) send data to an APC220 over 433MHz?

I'd like to send data from my Emoncms Shield to my Raspberry and to my MacMini at the same time.
Any idea about this?

Thanks a lot.

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Re: RFM12B to APC220 [SOLVED]

It is impossible for RFM12B communicated with APC220 over 433MHz. even they are working in the same frequency. Because RFM12B and APC220 have different CRC and encryption. 

APC220 is expensive than RFM12B. There are many similar and cost-effective RF modules in the market. I recommend RF4432 to you for APC220 alternative. It is pin to pin compatible and more cost-effective. Pls check this link:


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