need help about arduino-emontx shield

Hi friends i bought emontx and installed on arduino. but i have no idea about the received data.i just want to see current electricity(w,kw) and volt if its posible.
if my set up is incorrect, can u help me with how to do right way. also i need to ask the correct code of current electricity and voltage.
I tried emonlib example "voltage_and_current";

serial-monitor ;
68.71 95.63 186.49 0.51 0.72 
-0.41 0.61 1.34 0.46 -0.67 
-0.00 0.00 0.01 0.47 -0.69 
-0.00 0.00 0.00 0.47 -0.70 
my setup:


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Re: need help about arduino-emontx shield

You do not have an emonTx. You have the emonTx Shield. They are very different and the sketch for the emonTx will not work on the emonTx Shield.

The sketch you need will be one of these: and because you do not have a radio module fitted to your Shield, this is the one you want:

Now looking at your second photo, are the white and black wires feeding your load? If they are, that is wrong. See for the correct way to use your ct.

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Re: need help about arduino-emontx shield

That hardware is the emonTx Shield, not the emonTx.  You may need to use a different program (sketch) when using the Shield.

The CT must only go around one of the cores in your test circuit.  If you put it around both of the 'live' cores (i.e. Line and Neutral), it will detect nothing because the flux from each of those cores will exactly cancel out.



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Re: need help about arduino-emontx shield

thanks @Robert Wall and calypso_rae. Finally that's working :)

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