Inverter recommendations?

We are working on a smart grid pilot project here in Manchester over the next three years which will be based on OEM monitors in every house. As part of this we have 5 x 10kWhr battery storage unit and we are trying to specify what kind of inverter would be best in terms of compatibility with OEM systems. While we might look at a low-voltage ring for lighting in one of the houses the project is really interested in what can be done in terms of supporting the 240v ring during times of heavy load and low production.

Does anyone have any recommendations for inverters they've used or particular things we need to look out for or bear in mind?

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Re: Inverter recommendations?

Meanwell have got a good range, the trend is towards '2-way' inverters meaning they have a built-in charger, but I favor a more modular approach, and actually keep the Inverter Off when not need, but charger On.

In terms of lighting, look at 230V LED conversions rather that 12V,  some amazing new generation products on the market (like the latest Verbatim GU10 dimmable types 4W LED just as bright as 90W halogen). But some rubbish on the market as well. Remember 12V means more fatter wiring to compensate for higher currents (Power loss is I squared R).

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