Raspberry Pi 2 or Intel NUC

I am about to set up a central server to use for house monitoring and automation.  Currently my top two candidates for a platform are the newly released Raspberry Pi2 or some form of Intel NUC.  My current plan is to run a combination of EmonCMS and OpenHAB with a bit of MQTT for interfacing to a few other things I have planned.  Eventually I will likely set up a z-wave network around the house to control lighting etc.

Any comments on which would be the better platform, the RPi2 is likely to be the lowest cost and power, but probably more difficult to set up and administer?  To do an Emon network and z-wave network on the same RPi2 seems to achievable with an RFM2Pi module and a USB based z-wave dongle.  On a NUC the USB z-wave dongle would work, but not sure how to best interface to RFM module.

Any comments welcome.


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Re: Raspberry Pi 2 or Intel NUC


If you go with the Raspberry you have the advantage that *LOTS* of people are using them hence lots of help when you need it. Go with the Intel on your own...?

If you have any unix experience then the raspberry is trivial. If you know how to use the command line on windows then using unix isn't that scary. 

If you want to run EmonCMS cheat and get the raspberry pi base station from the shop - bish bash bosh all done. Use the images from the support area are you are up and running easily.


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