emonTX and rfm69 868 MHz

Hello emonshop

Is it possible to buy a emontx with rfm69 868MHz transmitter?
it is not an option in the shop?

Will it be possible to buy a emonGLCD with rfm69 868 MHz transmitter in the near future?


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Re: emonTX and rfm69 868 MHz

You should contact the shop directly for a definitive answer


but I believe the shop is intending to stock just the 433 and 'without RF' versions, the 868 RFM modules are available separately for self assembly, but please email the shop for confirmation


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Re: emonTX and rfm69 868 MHz

Hi Sune,

Our next manufacture batch in a couple of months time will have RFM69CW, however we are standardizing on 433. You can get 868 RFM69CW at the moment by purchasing an emonTx no RF and an RFM69CW 868 in the same order and leave a note, we can solder it on and test for you before shipping. 

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