RCD/MCB monitoring module

As an alternative to CT and EmonTx would it be possible to put all the smarts into a direct replacement for MCB/RCD that could be plugged into a fuse box? This way you could monitor each power ring separately. The replacement part could have either WiFi or Bluetooth.

With the smart lights that have their own WiFi transmitter and other electronic the same size constraint can probably be overcome.

Just a though that some here with more experience than me could possibly build.

- Geoff

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Re: RCD/MCB monitoring module

You cannot mess with protective devices. They are very carefully designed to operate safely under fault conditions and anything you do must not affect that. And the second point is, as a general principle you never mix measurement and protection. They have quite different operating conditions and it is difficult to reconcile those.

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Re: RCD/MCB monitoring module

I would expect certification would be required and the primary function of the device should not be compromised. It is more above adding value (allowing monitoring) in an easy to install manner.

As long as the primary function of the protective device is not compromised I do not see a conflict with the second point. I note a number of measuring device, electrical and non-electrical, have safety protection built in. The two are not mutually exclusive.

This is just an idea that I do not have the expertise to start to build. Just throwing it out there.

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