Can RF​​μ-328-BARE be replaced by XRF module?


I bought a bundle of emontx V3 for home energy monitoring, and I try to use it for my another project. As we know, emontx V3 use RFµ-328-BARE - Arduino ATMega 328 compatible micro board for direct serial connection,

However, I can't find it in China, as it is a little bit urgent, there is no time for me to order it from UK. But, I found there is a distributor of CISECO in Shenzhen, China - Seeed Studio, and they have XRF wireless RF radio UART serial data module XBee shaped.

My question is, can I simply buy a XRF to replace RFµ-328-BARE? Is XRF auduino ATMega 328 compatible?
Thank you.