who can provide an reliable emoncms service ??????


Unfortunately there is no professional reliable emoncms service provider. 

We have developed a complete solution for the chemistry market but we can't sell it because no one can provide an emoncms plattform e.g. as a cloud service. I got meet some clever persons here in the forum who are willing to provide for me especially an hosted emoncms. But we need an provider who can fulfill an service level agreement. we plan to have a lot of emoncms user on the plattform but for this we need a 100% stable, reliable, maintained an supported open provider. 

We don't want to host emoncms by ourselves. We don't have the time and engineer. Our business model is selling the service. At the moment we thinking if emoncms is the right concept???

Is there anyone out there who can help us?




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Re: who can provide an reliable emoncms service ??????

Finding someone to host the service with reliability you are looking for is possible. My concern is what would you do if you have an internet connection outage? You experience a power cut or someone unplugs your modem - who is responsibly or this outage? How do you recover from this?

I would like to learn more about what you expect to be included in your SLA.

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Re: who can provide an reliable emoncms service ??????


If you searching for a company how can host and  support th electronic part,

please write me a pm


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